Poster Buyer’s Guide

We’re getting a lot of questions about which poster you should get. In this guide we tell you exactly what to consider so you can get the poster that looks best in your space.

Which size poster should I choose?

  • A3: This is a small poster. It can be a great size for your children’s room.
  • A2: This is the normal size for a poster. We have this size for the posters in our living room.
  • A1: This is a large poster. This is a good size if you have a big wall that you want to fill.
  • A0: This is an extremely big poster. This size is right if you want a big center piece for an entire room.

Which poster art should I choose?

Aside from which poster you think is beautiful, you should consider the following:

  • Colour and brightness: The most important thing is whether the main colours of the poster look good with the other colours in your room. For example, in our living room we mainly have light/brighter colours, so we chose Roman Bishop and Colorful Chimps for our living room. My office is also bright and has a large window, so I chose Jungle Chess for this space. If you have a darker coloured space, you might prefer Grandmaster Chimp or Mystery Monkey.
  • Horizontal / Vertical: Also very important is that some of the posters have a horizontal orientation and others a vertical orientation. Keep this in mind.
  • Vibe: Some of the posters are realistic (Roman Bishop, Jungle Chess), while others are more artsy (Chimp Vincent, Mystery Monkey, Colourful Chimps). These give off different ‘vibes’ – neither is better than the other, we have both in the same space – keep this in mind.

Still can’t decide which poster to choose?

We get it – we have a small space so we also couldn’t get all of the posters.

Here’s how we solved it.

We bought all the posters, we kept the ones that looked best in our spaces and we gave away the rest to friends and family.

Of course this was a little bit easier for us because we get a discount at the distributor. If you can’t buy all of them, maybe choose 3 – 4 posters to choose from and give away the others.


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