How good is Gothamchess (Levy Rozman) at chess?

Levy Rozman, better known as GothamChess, is everybody’s favorite chess YouTuber! He’s very popular, but you might have noticed that he’s not a Grand Master. So, is he even good at chess? Let’s find out!

Who is gothamchess?

Gothamchess is the YouTuber and Twitch streamer who’s real name is Levy Rozman. Levy is also a partner, broadcaster and Diamond member of He has an international master (IM) title in FIDE chess.

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What is gothamchess’ rating

Gothamchess’ rating on fluctuates between 2200 and 2400. It used to be on the higher side of that, but Levy focuses on streaming now. His highest ever FIDE rating was 2421.

Is gothamchess a GM?

No, Gothamchess is not a GM. He’s an IM though. He also said in 2022 that he will never try to become a GM because OTB tournaments give him too much stress.

How good is Gothamchess at chess?

I think Gothamchess is very good at chess. But I think that he thinks that he’s not good at chess at all.

It depends on who you’re comparing him with. Unless you happen to be Magnus Carlsen or Anish Giri (in which case I don’t know why you’re reading this…) you can be pretty sure that Gotham is much better than you.

Why is gothamchess so popular?

Gothamchess is so popular because he explains chess to beginners very well. He’s unique in this. Most chess grand masters are so high level that they cannot come down to the level of beginners to explain things. Gothamchess also does a lot of content around beginner games, such as guess the elo.

Are Gothamchess courses good?

Yes, Gothamchess courses are very good. Especially for beginners and intermediate players (up to 1800 rating). I think his courses are by far the best for beginners, because all other chess content creators are too smart to dumb themselves down to our level (sorry Levy…).

Levy recently launched a new course platform called Chessly, which is where he hosts his courses now.

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FAQ about Gothamchess / Levy Rozman

Where does gothamchess live?

Levy Rozman from Gothamchess lives in New York. You should know that, because he mentions it every other video. Usually when he complains about loud noises outside of his appartment building.

Is gothamchess Russian?

Gothamchess is American, but at least one of his parents is a first generation immigrant from Russia. That’s why he speaks Russian.

Who is gothamchess coach?

I believe his coach is Wojciech Moranda. He mentioned that in a recent video. But if I got the spelling wrong from hearing the name, I might be mistaken.

Who is gothamchess dating?

Gothamchess is married! She’s called Lucy, and you can see her in the video below where she joins a chess recap video.

What’s Gothamchess’ dog called?

Gothamchess’ dog is called Benji! And when he grows up he’ll be called Benjamin. Is it a coincidence that this is the same name as the dog of Yoga with Adrienne? Probably.

What is gothamchess net worth?

This is not public knowledge, but I’m guessing Gothamchess’ net worth is at least 5 million dollars. From the sponsorship and his popular chess courses. But then again, he still lives in his New York appartment that he always complains about, so maybe I’m overestimating.

What is gothamchess’ iq?

I’ve heard different things. Gothamchess once said that his IQ is at least double digits. But I’ve also heard that Gothamchess actually doesn’t have an IQ. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.


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