Chessly Review – The Best Place to Learn Chess Online?

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Learning chess just got a lot easier! With the launch of Chessly, you can now learn interact with your online chess courses in a way you couldn’t last year. So let me tell you all about how you’re going to crush your opponents and gain a bunch of elo in this Chessly review.

What is Chessly?

Chessly is an online learning platform for chess courses. These courses include videos, quizzes, drills, move trainers and in depth analyses of positions. Chessly also has an active community of people learning chess online.

Is Chessly Good?

Yes, Chessly is a good platform to learn chess. It’s a big improvement from traditional video only courses, as it includes move trainers, drills and quizzes. In my opinion, all other course platforms are going to have to adapt to the new standard that Chessly jut set for them.

What does Chessly cost?

Chessly charges on a per course basis. Currently all courses are $64. However, Levy Rozman (the owner of Chessly) talked about a subsciption model in the future, in which you pay only $10 per month to access all courses.

Tip: do you want to learn from Gotham but pay less? Start with his book How to Win at Chess.

Which courses are there on Chessly?

Yes, Cheslly includes all Gothamchess courses. Currently these are:

  • Beginner chess: this beginner chess course will take you from the basics of chess to being a formidable opponent with both White and Black.
  • Caro Kann: A bulletproof repertoire with the Black pieces against White’s 1. e4, based on my 10+ years of playing this amazing opening.
  • D4 Dynamite: An aggressive, easy to learn repertoire based on the London and Trompowsky openings for White.
  • E4 New York Style: Our most popular course, an attacking repertoire for White, with nearly 60% win rate in many variations.
  • E6 B6 Defense: A course for Black on the rare but effective e6-b6, suitable against any of White’s possible first moves and openings.
  • G5 Modern Defense: An elite, tactical, easy-to-play defense against ALL of White’s openings
  • Gambits for Black: Crush your opponents with these thrilling and aggressive weapons against all of White’s popular first moves.
  • Gambits for White: A powerful opening repertoire based on 1. e4. Our goal is to sacrifice material early and deliver crushing attacks.
  • Intermediate Chess: Our Intermediate Chess course will build on all the beginner chess lessons you learned and take you to the next level. If you want to break past 1500 Elo in chess, this is the course for you.

What do Chessly courses include?

Chessly courses include A LOT. Here’s what you get when you buy any Chessly course:

  • Hours of video instruction
  • Quizzes
  • Studies
  • Drills
  • A quiz shuffle tool (for better learning)
  • A drill shuffle tool (for better practicing)
  • An analysis board
  • Progress trackers
  • Course updates

So you get much more than in your typical online chess course, which normally only includes video material.

Does Chessly have other teachers than Gothamchess?

No, currently Gothamchess (Levy Rozman) is the only teacher on Chessly, However, Levy announced that he’s looking to feature Grand Masters as teachers on Chessly. Will it be Hikaru? I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see…

Is there a Chessly app?

No, there’s no Chessly app. But the website is designed to be completely mobile friendly, so there doesn’t need to be an app either. You can still use Chessly on any phone or tablet you want.

Is Chessly worth it?

Chessly is definitely worth it once the subscription model is launched! Right now, any 1 course is also worth it, but it would be expensive to buy all courses on Chessly. But once you can access all these courses with 1 subscription, it’s going to be the best value in the world of learning chess online.

Chessly alternative

The best alternative to Chessly is simply

You can learn chess there by playing for free and using their (limited) free educational tools and lessons.

Or you can upgrade to a Diamond membership and get the most value for your money out of any Chess website.

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