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Are you ready to join the Diamond club? Not sure? Don’t worry, I get it. You’re still asking yourself: is the premium membership worth it? And I’ll tell you: yes and no. Yes, it’s worth it if you’re talking about the Diamond membership, but I think the others aren’t worth it. Let me explain why…

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What is premium? premium is a way to get better at chess more quickly. You can play chess for free on, but you get access to a bunch of great learning tools when you sign up for premium. 

What do you get with Premium?

There are 3 levels of premium membership: gold, platinum and diamond. Gold includes lessons and puzzles, Platinum adds game reviews, and Diamond adds coach explanations and insights into your common errors. And these last 2 tools are the ones that the biggest difference for learning chess quickly. premium membership price has different subscription levels. The cheapest membership is $4 per month if you pay yearly, and the most expensive one $10. 

Membership levelPrice per month
7 Day TrialFree
Table: premium prices

Is a premium membership worth it?

Yes and no, it depends on which premium membership tier you’re talking about. Let’s break it down.

Is the Gold membership worth it?

No, I personally think Gold isn’t worth it compared to Diamond. Diamond gives you way more features, access to all tactics trainers, and overall a better value.

Is the Platinum membership worth it?

No, I don’t think platinum is worth it compared to Diamond. Although you get unlimited puzzles, lessons and bots in the Platinum lever, you don’t get the most important features: coach explanations and insights from your match reviews.

Is the Diamond membership worth it?

Yes, I think Platinum is worth it. In fact, it’s a bargain. You get access to unlimited match reviews, insights from your matches, and the extremely high level Artificial Intelligence that tells you how to improve. Learning chess has never been cheaper and easier.

Which membership of chess com is best?

I think the Diamond membership on is the best value. For still a very affordable price you get the coach explanations in the move analyses, which is my favorite feature on I think it’s a bit foolish to get one of the other 2 memberships to be honest.

How do you get free premium diamond membership on

You can get a free diamond membership in 2 ways:

  • Become a chess Grand Master so that gives you a free Diamond membership (very hard to do).
  • Sign up for the 7 day free trial (very easy to do).

So are you more of a GM kind of person, or a 7 day trial kind of person…? 😉

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Are chess com lessons good?

Yes, lessons are very good. And what’s even better is that the Artificial intelligence coach recommends lessons to you based on your play style. So you learn exactly the right lessons for your game.

Is chess com good to learn?

Yes, is a very good way to learn chess. It’s amazing. You get an artificial intelligence coach that analyzes your games, tells you which moves were good and bad, and recommends lessons based on your play style. This kind of technology used to only be available to the highest level Grand Masters, and now you can get it for like $10 per month.

What chess website does Magnus Carlsen use?

Magnus Carlsen uses as his primary website to play chess on (since september 2022).

What chess website does Hikaru use?

Hikaru Nakamura plays chess on

Is lichess better than chess com?

No, has far better user experience than Lichess in my opinion. The move trainer is also much better and the player base is much bigger, so you match up with people of more similar rating more easily.

Is chess24 better than chess com?

No, has far better user experience than Chess24 in my opinion. TYou can watch some chess on Chess24 but you shouldn’t play chess on it.


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