Best Star Wars Chess Set: Top Picks for 2023

Star Wars is an iconic franchise that has captivated fans for decades. One enjoyable way for fans to engage with the Star Wars universe is by playing a themed chess set. Chess is an ancient strategy game that has stood the test of time, and combining it with the beloved characters and themes of Star Wars adds an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment.

Star Wars chess sets offer fans a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world they love while also exercising their minds with the strategic gameplay of chess. These sets feature beautifully crafted pieces that represent the various iconic characters from the series, with the two opposing sides often depicting the epic struggle between the forces of good and evil, such as the Rebel Alliance versus the Galactic Empire, or the Resistance versus the First Order.

Choosing a Star Wars chess set might seem daunting, particularly for collectors and enthusiasts who value quality and attention to detail. When making a purchase, be sure to consider factors including the material and craftsmanship of the pieces, the artistic design and attention to detail, and the overall durability of the set. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind the target age group, as some sets might be more appropriate for casual or younger fans, while others cater to serious collectors or chess players who want a competitive and challenging experience.

Through meticulous research and in-depth analysis, we have compiled a list of the best Star Wars chess sets available, showcasing a variety of styles, price points, and features. This guide will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect set to satisfy your love for both chess and Star Wars.

Best Star Wars Chess Sets

Discover our top picks for the best Star Wars chess sets, perfect for fans and collectors alike. Enhance your strategy skills and enjoy the epic battles between the light and dark side as you explore the galaxy with these unique and captivating chess sets.

Royal Selangor Star Wars Chess Set

Royal Selangor Star Wars Chess Set

The Royal Selangor Star Wars Chess Set is an impressive choice for collectors and true fans, offering high-quality craftsmanship and unique designs.


  • Meticulously hand-finished details
  • High-quality pewter construction
  • Ultimate collectible for Star Wars enthusiasts


  • Price may be prohibitive for casual players
  • Pieces might be too delicate for frequent use
  • Limited availability

The Royal Selangor Star Wars Chess Set is undoubtedly a top-notch collectible that showcases the iconic characters and designs from the Star Wars franchise. As a proud owner, I continue to be amazed by how each piece has been meticulously hand-finished by skilled craftspeople, resulting in a visually stunning chess set that embodies the spirit of the classic films.

Constructed from high-quality pewter, the pieces offer a remarkable heft and solid feel that captivates any Star Wars fan or avid chess player. Each character intricately captures the essence of their film counterpart, creating a realistic and immersive experience for gamers.

However, it’s important to note that this Star Wars Chess Set from Royal Selangor might not be suitable for everyone. The price, while justified by the superb craftsmanship, might be prohibitive for casual players or those on a tight budget. Additionally, due to the delicate nature of the detailed pieces, it might not be the best choice for frequent or vigorous gameplay.

In conclusion, the Royal Selangor Star Wars Chess Set is a premium, one-of-a-kind item for fans and collectors who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship and unique designs. This chess set undoubtedly exceeds expectations and earns a well-deserved spot in a prized display case or on the gaming table during special occasions.

Hasbro Gaming Star Wars Chess Game

Hasbro Gaming Star Wars Chess Game

A perfect blend of Star Wars and classic chess gameplay for fans and enthusiasts of all ages.


  • Unique Star Wars character chess pieces
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Engaging and challenging gameplay


  • Chess pieces made of light plastic material
  • Board quality is mediocre
  • Inconsistency in the chess pieces’ design

The Hasbro Gaming Star Wars Chess Game delivers a fun and refreshing take on the classic chess game. As a fan of both chess and Star Wars, I found this game a delight to play. The unique chess pieces closely resemble popular Star Wars characters, such as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, R2 D2, and Han Solo.

Although the pieces are made of light plastic material, they still manage to capture the essence of each character. It’s worth noting that the board quality could be improved, but it’s functional enough for casual gameplay. One point of criticism regarding the pieces is the inconsistency in design for some character roles, which can be confusing at times.

What makes this Star Wars Chess Game enjoyable is the challenge that it brings to each match. Regardless of whether you’re playing for the Rebels or the Empire, the gameplay remains engaging, thrilling, and ultimately entertaining. This game is perfect for fans of all ages, as it combines the classic strategy game with the captivating Star Wars universe.

In conclusion, the Hasbro Gaming Star Wars Chess Game is a great purchase for fans of chess and Star Wars alike. Though it may have some flaws in terms of material quality and design consistency, the overall gaming experience remains enjoyable and intergalactic.

The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Fans of Harry Potter and chess lovers alike will appreciate The Noble Collection’s detailed and officially authorized Wizard Chess Set.


  • Sturdy and well-crafted chess pieces
  • 18.5×18.5 inches playing board
  • Officially authorized by Warner Brothers


  • Chess pieces made of plastic
  • Some pieces may have balance issues
  • Might be confusing for very young children

The Noble Collection’s Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set brings the magical world of Harry Potter to your home while challenging your chess skills. The playing board, sized at 18.5×18.5 inches, features a detailed design that is sure to impress any Potterhead. This chess set boasts officially authorized Warner Brothers’ design, making it a perfect gift for fans of the franchise.

One aspect that truly stands out is the intricate detailing of the chess pieces. Measuring between 2 to 4 inches, the pieces have a sturdy plastic construction that gives them a lasting quality. However, some users may find that a few of the pieces are slightly top-heavy, possibly causing balance issues during gameplay.

The set is designed for players aged 7 to 14 years, but it is crucial to consider that the unique design of the chess pieces might confuse very young children. Thus, it is better suited for those who already have a basic understanding of chess.

Overall, The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set is a fantastic option for individuals who enjoy both the thrills of chess and the enchanting world of Harry Potter. While a few minor drawbacks exist, the set is still a well-deserving addition to your collection or an excellent gift for loved ones.

HandCraftoria Unique Big Chess Set with Storage

Unique Big Chess Set

This HandCraftoria chess set is perfect for those seeking a high-quality, functional, and aesthetically appealing Star Wars chess set.


  • Large, handmade wooden chess set with high detail
  • Built-in storage drawers with protective fabric
  • Ideal for chess enthusiasts and as a unique gift


  • Slightly higher price compared to some other chess sets
  • Some may prefer a more traditional design
  • Could be too large for smaller spaces

The HandCraftoria Unique Big Chess Set with Storage is an impressive piece that combines functionality and beauty in its design. The board measures 19.3 by 19.3 inches and features intricate, hand-carved wooden details inspired by the Star Wars universe. The set is made from durable walnut wood, ensuring that it stands the test of time.

One of the most distinctive features of this chess set is the two built-in storage drawers on either side of the board. Lined with soft fabric, these compartments protect the 32 hand-carved wooden figures during storage, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition.

Apart from its functionality, the HandCraftoria chess set serves as an attractive addition to any room, garnering attention and compliments from those who see it. Its timeless design and high-quality construction make it an ideal gift for chess enthusiasts or those seeking a unique piece for their game room or living space.

In conclusion, the HandCraftoria Unique Big Chess Set offers a perfect blend of elegance, sophistication, and practicality for Star Wars fans and chess lovers alike. Its handmade details, built-in storage drawers, and attention to quality make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to enhance their chess experience.

AMEROUS Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set, 15 Inches


A fantastic choice for chess and checkers enthusiasts looking for a portable and high-quality set that offers both magnetic functionality and premium craftsmanship.


  • High-quality solid wood material and craftsmanship
  • Magnetic pieces for ease of play and travel
  • 2 in 1 functionality – includes both chess and checkers set


  • Chess pieces extend beyond board depth when playing checkers
  • Storage box can be slightly bulky for travel
  • Magnets may not be strong enough for very rough play environments

The Amerous Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set is a beautifully crafted and practical 2 in 1 game set. Made from high-quality solid wood, the chess board’s exquisite workmanship is evident in its splicing grids and smoothly sanded surfaces. The wooden Staunton chess and checker pieces are expertly crafted, offering a nice weight and touch.

When it comes to portability, the set’s magnetic functionality helps keep the pieces in place during play, making it ideal for taking along on trips or playing in a moving vehicle. Though slightly bulky, the folding board doubles as a storage box, allowing for an organized space for all of your game pieces. In addition, the Amerous set includes an extra pair of queens, an instruction manual, and slots for proper storage.

A minor design flaw is observed when playing checkers, as the chess pieces extend beyond the board depth. However, this does not significantly impact the overall playing experience. Furthermore, while the magnets are suitable for most situations, they may not be strong enough to withstand rough play or extreme movements during travel.

Overall, the Amerous Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set is a noteworthy option for those seeking a charming, high-quality, and functional game set that caters to both their chess and checkers cravings.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best Star Wars chess set, there are a few key features to consider in order to make an informed decision. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss some of these important aspects.

First, consider the quality and material of the chess pieces and board. This is important for both aesthetics and durability. Higher quality materials, such as metal or wood, will provide a more visually appealing and longer lasting set.

Size and portability are also crucial factors to keep in mind. If your primary purpose is to display the chess set as a decorative item, then larger, more detailed pieces would be advantageous. However, if you plan on traveling with the set or frequently moving it around, a more compact and easily transportable set may be better suited.

Another aspect to consider is the level of detail in the design of the chess pieces and board. Star Wars chess sets often feature intricate representations of iconic characters, spaceships, and locations from the franchise. Be sure to select a set with the level of detail that meets your specific preferences.

Price Range

The cost of a Star Wars chess set can vary greatly. It’s important to establish a budget, while also considering the features and quality of the set. Avoid extremely cheap options, as they may be of lower quality and less durable. Consider the following price ranges as a guideline:

  • Budget: $30 – $75
  • Mid-range: $75 – $150
  • High-end: $150 and up

Piece Design and Chessboard Style

The chess pieces and board should be visually distinct and easily distinguishable for seamless gameplay. Ensure that each piece is easily recognizable and the overall style of the chessboard is consistent with the Star Wars theme. Look for sets that offer this clarity and design cohesion.

Lastly, consider the target age group for whom the chess set is intended. Some sets may be designed with younger audiences in mind, featuring simpler designs and construction. For more experienced or adult players, sets with greater complexity and sophistication in design and materials would be more suitable.

By considering these factors and implementing the advice provided in this buying guide, you’ll be well-prepared to choose the best Star Wars chess set for your needs.


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