Best Magnetic Chess Set: Top Picks for 2023

Magnetic chess sets offer a unique and convenient way to enjoy one of the world’s oldest strategy games. Chess enthusiasts greatly appreciate the elegance, portability, and functionality of these sets. Combining the classic allure of the game with the advantages of modern materials, magnetic chess sets are designed to provide a hassle-free and undisturbed gaming experience.

A magnetic chess set allows the players to make moves without concerns about pieces being accidentally toppled or displaced due to slight bumps or wind. This makes them especially suitable for travel or playing outdoors. Additionally, they are an excellent choice for novice players who are still getting accustomed to piece movement and positioning.

When selecting the best magnetic chess set for your needs, consider factors such as the size, weight, magnet strength, quality of materials, and overall design. The perfect set should strike a balance between durability, aesthetics, and ease of use. It is essential to ensure that the magnets inside the pieces are strong enough to hold them in place securely, but not so strong as to make them difficult to move.

We have carefully researched and tested various magnetic chess sets to bring you a comprehensive list of the finest options available. Each set is sure to provide an enjoyable playing experience while fulfilling the essential criteria needed for a great game of chess.

Best Magnetic Chess Sets

In the following list, we present the top magnetic chess sets available on the market, carefully curated to cater to a wide range of preferences and skill levels.

AMEROUS 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set


This magnetic chess set is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike, offering convenience and quality in one package.


  • Strong magnetic chess pieces for stable gameplay
  • Portable and lightweight folding design
  • High-quality wooden material with smooth touch


  • Pieces may have minor imperfections
  • Magnet strength may vary between pieces
  • Board surface could be prone to scratches

The AMEROUS 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set is a fantastic choice, especially for those who want to make learning and playing chess an enjoyable and engaging activity. With a focus on intelligent enlightenment, this set caters to both adults and children who are new to the game or experienced players looking for a travel-friendly option.

One of the standout features is the magnetic chess pieces, which secure themselves to the board and prevent the pieces from falling during gameplay. This is particularly useful when playing in a moving vehicle or during travel. The folding board design of the chess set makes it easy to carry and pack in a bag or luggage without taking up much space. The handmade wooden material of the board and pieces ensures a comfortable and smooth touch while playing.

However, as with any handmade product, there might be minor imperfections in the pieces or variations in magnet strength. These should not significantly impact the overall playing experience, but it’s worth noting for those who seek absolute perfection. Additionally, the board surface may be prone to scratches, so taking extra care when handling the set is advised.

Overall, the AMEROUS 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to learn or play chess on the go. The quality, convenience, and thoughtful design make this set a must-have for chess enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Chess Armory 15-inch Magnetic Chess Set

Chess Armory 15-inch Magnetic Set

A high-quality and convenient magnetic chess set that’s perfect for players of all levels seeking both leisure and travel-friendly play.


  • Smooth inlaid walnut and foldable magnetic board for easy storage
  • Handcrafted and durable wood pieces with a felted bottom
  • Comes with a free online course for new players


  • Magnets may not be strong enough for some users
  • Could have minor scratches or scuffs upon arrival
  • Strap storage system might be less convenient for some

I recently used the Chess Armory 15-inch Magnetic Chess Set and was impressed by its craftsmanship and functionality. The inlaid walnut board is not only visually appealing but also foldable, making it easy to store the pieces inside when not in use. The magnetic feature is helpful for gameplay on the go or in situations where stability is needed, although the strength of the magnets might not be enough for more intense usage.

The Staunton magnetic chess pieces are handcrafted and made from light but sturdy wood, adding a sense of quality to the touch. They feature felted bottoms, which protect the board from scratches during play. One detail worth mentioning is the set comes with a free online course, making it a great option for both new and seasoned players.

Despite its mostly excellent build, there could be minor scratches and scuffing on the board or pieces upon arrival. It might not be a deal-breaker, but it’s something to bear in mind. Additionally, the elastic strap storage system, while helpful for keeping pieces secure, may not be the most convenient option for everyone.

In conclusion, the Chess Armory 15-inch Magnetic Chess Set is a reliable and engaging choice for chess enthusiasts looking for an attractive and travel-friendly set. With a touch of real-world experience, its pros certainly outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile investment for those passionate about the game.

AMEROUS Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set, 15 Inches

AMEROUS Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set

This magnetic chess and checkers set is perfect for those seeking a high-quality and versatile game set for both home and travel.


  • High-quality wooden materials and craftsmanship
  • Strong magnetic hold for on-the-go games
  • Folding board with built-in storage for game pieces


  • Not suitable for playing checkers only without clearing chess pieces
  • Potential polarity confusion in certain pieces
  • Chess pieces protrude beyond the board depth

I recently played with the AMEROUS Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set, and I was impressed by the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship. The wooden design provides a classic and elegant look, while the magnetic feature ensures the game pieces remain securely in place, making it perfect for playing on-the-go.

The folding board is not only practical, but it also doubles as a convenient storage box for the game pieces. This design makes the set easy to transport and store away when not in use. However, one issue is that the chess pieces stick out beyond the depth of the board, making it difficult to play checkers without first clearing the chess pieces.

The set comes with a total of 24 checkers and complete chess pieces, including 2 extra queens. These pieces are handcrafted and feel comfortable to hold, with the king standing at 3 inches in height. It’s an ideal gift for chess enthusiasts, friends, and family.

In summary, the AMEROUS Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set is a great choice for those looking for a versatile, high-quality set that looks impressive and is easy to transport. The magnetic hold and folding board add value, making it perfect for home or travel use, despite the minor drawback in playing checkers only without removing the chess pieces.

Hnoerin Jaeraph Magnetic Chess Set

Hnoerin Jaeraph Chess Set

The Hnoerin Jaeraph Magnetic Chess Set is an excellent option for both beginners and experienced players seeking a portable and convenient board for travel or home use.


  • High-quality, handcrafted wooden pieces
  • Strong magnetic hold for stable gameplay
  • Foldable, portable design with internal storage


  • Some minor manufacturing imperfections reported
  • May not be suitable for very young children
  • Only one size available (15-inch board)

The Hnoerin Jaeraph Magnetic Chess Set is crafted from high-quality walnut wood, featuring a smooth inlaid walnut board and hand-carved wooden pieces. The board folds in half for easy storage and transportation, making it ideal for use at home or while traveling, as well as a thoughtful gift idea for friends and family.

What sets this chess set apart is the secure magnetic hold between the pieces and the board. This feature ensures the pieces won’t fall during gameplay, allowing for a seamless experience even in moving vehicles or other mobile situations. Furthermore, the felted bottom of each piece protects the wooden board from scratches and marks.

While the overall quality of this chess set is impressive, some users have reported minor manufacturing imperfections such as glue stains or broken latches. However, these issues seem to be rare and do not detract from the enjoyable playing experience. Please note that this set is recommended for ages 6 and up, as the small pieces could pose a choking hazard for younger children.

In conclusion, the Hnoerin Jaeraph Magnetic Chess Set is a fantastic option for anyone looking to invest in a well-crafted, portable chess set that provides hours of engaging gameplay for all ages. With its beautiful design, strong magnetic hold, and convenient foldable construction, it is a remarkable addition to any chess lover’s collection.

Vahome Magnetic Chess Board Set

Vahome Magnetic Chess Board Set

This stylish and portable magnetic chess set offers a high-quality playing experience for both beginners and experienced players.


  • High-quality wood chess board
  • Strong magnetic pieces
  • Handmade wooden chess pieces


  • Slightly expensive
  • May have occasional missing magnets
  • Some users may prefer a larger board

The Vahome Magnetic Chess Board Set is a perfect combination of style, portability, and quality. Crafted from pine and peach wood, the smooth 15-inch chess board provides a solid and smooth surface to play on, while the beautifully carved pieces offer an engaging playing experience. The strong magnets ensure the pieces stay in place, even during travel or when playing outdoors.

The foldable design and foam insert make it easy to store and transport, fitting perfectly in a backpack for a travel game. With 2 extra queens included, you won’t need to worry about the lack of pieces during a game. This chess set is an excellent option for those who enjoy playing chess on the go or those who have limited space at home.

While it may be a bit pricey for some, you definitely get what you pay for with this Vahome Magnetic Chess Board Set. The craftsmanship of the board and pieces shines through and adds to the overall experience. Though there might be an occasional missing magnet, this issue is minimal compared to the overall quality you receive.

In conclusion, the Vahome Magnetic Chess Board Set is an excellent investment for chess enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Its portability and

Buying Guide


When considering a magnetic chess set, the size of the board and chess pieces is a crucial factor. A larger board provides a better playing experience, while smaller ones could be ideal for travel. Look for a board with squares large enough for the included pieces. Keep in mind that a bigger board is usually heavier and may take up more space.

Magnetic Strength

The magnetic strength of the chess set plays an essential role in keeping the pieces in place during gameplay. Choose a set with a powerful magnetic grip to prevent unwanted movements or accidental falls, especially on uneven surfaces or while traveling.

Material and Durability

Examine the materials used in the construction of the chess set. A well-made set should be constructed from quality materials like wood, metal, or durable plastic. Quality craftsmanship increases the chess set’s durability, ensuring it can withstand regular usage and time.

Piece Design

The design and style of the chess pieces could influence the overall enjoyment of playing. Magnetic chess sets offer a range of options, from traditional Staunton designs to more unique and modern styles. Be sure to choose a set with pieces that are easily distinguishable and have a comfortable grip.

Portability and Storage

If you plan to travel with your magnetic chess set or have limited space, portability and storage should be considered. Some chess sets come with built-in storage compartments or separate bags for the pieces. Folding chess boards or roll-up boards are suitable options for those who require easy storage and transportation.


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