The best chess website for beginners to play and learn

best chess website for beginners

Learning chess as a beginner is hard – but it’s easier than it’s ever been. There are many chess websites with tools that either didn’t exist at all, or cost thousands of dollars, just 10 years ago. And now you can get all of that for free or cheap in many places. In this article I’ll point you to the best chess website for beginners to play and learn chess. 

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The best Chess website for beginners

Here’s our top picks for the best chess websites for beginners to learn and play chess for beginners.

Chess websiteBest for
Chess.comPlaying and learning (free)
ChesslyPaid courses
Table: What’s the best website for beginners to play chess and learn chess

1. The best chess website for beginners to play and learn (free) is the best chess website for beginners to learn chess. it’s free and and you get the following goes to learn chess:

  • Play chess online against strangers
  • Play chess against friends
  • Play chess against the computer ( on different difficulty settings)
  • Chess puzzles
  • Chess analysis artificial intelligence
  • Chess lessons, including:
    • Chess opening lessons
    • Chess endgame lessons
  • Chess tournaments and divisions is also by far the most popular website out there. It has over 70 million people playing chess on it, most of them beginners. So every game you play will be by against someone of your own skill level.

It’s also the website where all the famous grandmasters play chess: Magnus carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Hans Niemann, Levy Rozman (Gothamchess), and so forth. 

So if you’re looking for a the best chess website for beginners to play chess, there’s a very clear winner:

Click here to play chess on

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2. Chessly: The best chess courses platform

Chessly is the newest chess courses website online. It was launched in October 2022 by GothamChess (Levy rozman).

In my opinion this is the new standard for chess course platforms. Normally when you buy a chess course for beginners you only get videos that explain what you need to do. With Chessly you also get:

  • Quizzes to test your memory
  • Training drills for the different lines in your opening
  • Quiz randomizer (new)
  • Drill randomizer (new)
  • Tool to analyze if you played your games correctly (new)

On top of this I think Charlie is the best horse platform for beginners because got them is the best chess teacher for beginners online. Even though he’s less good at chess than some of the grandmasters, he’s much better at explaining chess to beginners.

When you study videos from grandmasters, they often say things like: “And after rook a4, bisschop b3, rook b4, white is clearly winning” – and you have no idea why white is winning.

When you watch Gotham he says things like: “And knight c7 is not a fork here because your opponent can give you a check to get out of it.” – thanks Gotham, I didn’t see that check!

So the best website for beginners to learn chess with chess courses is Chessly.

Click here to go to Chessly

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3. Lichess: the second best chess website for beginners (free)

Lichess is probably the second most popular chess website for beginners, but it’s much smaller than It simply has much less and lower quality features. Yes, you can play chess there with beginners, but there’s not the same level of chess lessons, puzzles, analysis software, and so on. And the player pool is much worse, which makes the elo ratings inflated.

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4. Chessable: the biggest chess courses platform

ChessableIs a big chess courses platform. They have chess courses from many different teachers and famous grandmasters, such as Anish Giri, Hans Niemann, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, and many others.

It’s a very big chess platform so you kind of need to know what you’re looking for. And a lot of the courses are aimed at more advanced chess players, but they do also have courses for beginners.

Chessable was also recently bought by in the acquisition of the Play Magnus Group. It’s unclear whether will continue Chessable as its own brand or include it somewhere on the website.

5. AimChess

AimChess is another website to learn chess online. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze your games and point out your most common mistakes, and it suggests lessons for you to improve these mistakes.

I think AimChess is fantastic for more advances chess players, but I don’t know if it’s the best website to learn chess for beginners. I think beginners can just use the built in analysis software on to improve their games. I believe the engine behind AimChess is stronger, but you don’t necessarily need that as a beginner.

AimChess was also included in the recent acquisition of the Play Magnus Group by, so it remains to be seen if it will be integrated in the software.

6. Chess24

Chess24 was recently bought by It used to be part of the Play Magnus Group, but that whole business got bought by That’s also why Magnus Carlsen now plays on So in the future Chess24 players will also play chess on

Conclusion: The best chess website for beginners to learn and to play chess

In conclusion, these are my recommendations for chess websites for beginners:

  • To play chess:
  • To learn chess:
    • Still for puzzles, lessons and analysis software
    • Chessly for chess courses

Good luck and have fun!

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