Best Chess Clock for Blitz: Top Picks in 2023

Chess is a timeless and strategic game enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Blitz chess, a fast-paced variant, has gained popularity, particularly for those seeking quick, exhilarating matches. To ensure fair play in blitz games, a chess clock is essential. It helps maintain the game’s rapid tempo, managing each player’s time and forcing decisive moves.

Chess clocks come in a variety of styles and functions, from simple analog models to advanced digital ones, offering additional features such as delay and increment settings. A reliable, easy-to-use chess clock can make a remarkable difference in your blitz experience, allowing you to focus on your strategy without worrying about the time.

When selecting the best chess clock for blitz, crucial factors to consider include accuracy, durability, ease of use, and additional features that cater to your specific needs or preferences. Different players may prioritize different aspects, such as battery life, intuitive controls, or a sleek design.

We meticulously researched and tested several chess clocks to identify the best options for blitz enthusiasts striving to improve their gameplay and enjoy a seamless experience. With the wide array of available choices, finding the perfect chess clock to suit your needs and elevate your blitz games has never been easier.

Best Chess Clocks for Blitz

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top chess clocks specifically designed for blitz games. These clocks will enhance your playing experience and help you perform at your best during intense matches.

Brybelly Digital Chess Clock

Brybelly Digital Chess Clock

A practical and versatile option for blitz chess lovers seeking a reliable and customizable digital chess timer.


  • User-friendly with multiple modes and settings
  • Great for blitz and other fast-paced chess variations
  • Can be used with other board games such as Scrabble and Go


  • Instructions can be unclear for beginners
  • Some configurations might require manual adjustments
  • Durability concerns over time

As a recent user of the Brybelly Digital Chess Clock, I appreciated the adaptability and features this timer offers. The clock helps manage game time efficiently, whether playing traditional chess or blitz versions. Countdown Mode and Time Limiting options ensure each player is aware of their remaining time and encourage prompt decision-making during gameplay.

Furthermore, I found the Brybelly chess clock exceptionally versatile. While designed primarily for chess, I’ve successfully incorporated it into other competitive board games, such as Scrabble and Go, to maintain momentum and avoid excessive downtime between moves.

However, I encountered some difficulties while setting up the timer. The provided instructions were a bit confusing, especially for someone new to digital chess clocks. Despite the 20 switches on the bottom, it took me some time to figure out how to configure the desired settings. Although I managed to resolve the issue, it might deter some potential users from maximizing the clock’s full potential.

Additionally, I noticed the need for manual adjustments during certain time control situations, such as adding sudden death time after completing a specific number of moves. This requirement might pose an inconvenience for those seeking a seamless and fully automated time management solution.

In conclusion, the Brybelly Digital Chess Clock is a practical and customizable chess timer suitable for various board games and playing styles. However, it may require some initial effort to configure and occasional manual adjustments during gameplay. With user-friendly features and versatile options, this chess clock is an excellent choice for blitz enthusiasts and board game fans alike.

Tempest Deluxe Chess Clock

Tempest Deluxe Chess Clock

The Tempest Deluxe Chess Clock is a luxurious and innovative choice for blitz players looking for a user-friendly experience with a stylish design.


  • No user manual required – easy to set for various games
  • Premium elegant design with solid black walnut and leather touch surface
  • Universal compatibility and regular free software updates


  • Slightly expensive compared to traditional digital chess clocks
  • Some phones may require removal from their cases for proper fit
  • Dependent on the phone’s battery life, which may be a concern during long games

The Tempest Deluxe Chess Clock combines an elegant, luxurious design with innovative technology to provide a user-friendly experience for blitz players. It is incredibly simple to set up, with no user manual required. Just download the included app, dock your phone (iOS or Android), and start playing your favorite games, such as Chess, Go, Backgammon, and Scrabble.

Constructed from solid black walnut and featuring a premium leather touch surface, the Tempest Deluxe Chess Clock is both stylish and rugged. The zero-slip silicone underlay ensures stability even during fast-paced time scrambles. This chess clock is universally compatible with any phone model that has a gyroscope, offering a versatile solution for a wide range of devices.

However, some users may find the price on the higher end compared to traditional digital chess clocks. Additionally, certain phone cases may not fit the dock properly, requiring the phone to be removed from its case. Lastly, the Tempest Deluxe relies on the phone’s battery life, which may be a concern for those using older devices or during extended gaming sessions.

Overall, this well-designed and user-friendly chess clock is a fantastic investment for those looking to enhance their blitz game experience with a stylish and innovative product.

LEAP Chess Clock Digital Timer

LEAP Chess Clock

The LEAP Chess Clock is a solid choice for blitz players seeking a functional and visually appealing timer with user-friendly features.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Stylish wood-like appearance
  • Alarm function for time-outs


  • Requires 1 AA battery (not included)
  • Slightly lightweight feel
  • May require referring to the manual for initial setup

The LEAP Chess Clock offers a professional digital timer that can count up or down, with a maximum duration of up to 10 hours. Its wooden-like appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any board game. It functions not only for blitz chess but also for other 2-player games like Chinese Chess and I-GO.

The clock’s timer is made of electronic components and an ABS shell, ensuring its eco-friendly nature and durability. Its alarm function alerts players when time is running out, and the alarm can be turned on or off based on personal preferences. Moreover, the timer has bonus and delay functions that are simple to set up and memorize the settings.

On the downside, the LEAP Chess Clock requires one AA battery to operate, which is not included in the package. Its lightweight body might not feel as sturdy as some other chess clocks available in the market. Lastly, while most users find it easy to use, some may need to consult the manual to get familiar with all its functions.

In conclusion, the LEAP Chess Clock Digital Timer is a user-friendly and versatile option for blitz players in search of a reliable chess clock. Its stylish appearance and functional features make it a smart addition to any gaming setup despite a few minor drawbacks.

DGT 3000 Chess Clock

DGT 3000 Chess Clock

The DGT 3000 Chess Clock is a reliable and versatile choice for blitz and tournament play, offering a variety of timing settings and features.


  • Multiple pre-set and customizable timing systems
  • Large display with clear information
  • High-quality build and smooth lever action


  • Slightly complicated setup process
  • Buttons might be challenging for users with dexterity issues
  • Bulkier than some competing models

Whether you’re a casual or competitive chess player, the DGT 3000 Chess Clock will level up your game. With 25 pre-set timing systems as well as 5 slots for customized settings, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect mode for any situation. The large display ensures that you’ll be able to easily read the time during high-stress moments or when simply glancing at the clock during a casual match.

The construction of the DGT 3000 is solid and reliable, featuring a smooth and quiet lever action. This makes it easy to focus on your game without being constantly reminded of the passing seconds. However, the setup process can be somewhat complicated, particularly for those who have never used a chess clock before. Some users may also find the buttons challenging to navigate, particularly if they have dexterity issues.

Despite its minor drawbacks, the DGT 3000 Chess Clock is an excellent investment for those looking to enhance their blitz matches or delve into the world of tournament chess. With numerous timing options, a large and clear display, and a durable build that will stand the test of time, you can rest assured that this chess clock is more than capable of meeting your needs.

Chess Armory Digital Chess Clock

Chess Armory Digital Chess Clock

A reliable, portable, and user-friendly chess clock, ideal for blitz play and suitable for various two-player games.


  • Easy setup and controls
  • Features tournament and bonus time settings
  • Portable with a long battery life


  • Limited advanced features
  • Slightly confusing instructions
  • Price may be considered on the higher side

The Chess Armory Digital Chess Clock is a versatile and portable timer designed with blitz play in mind. Its simple setup and intuitive controls make it easy to start using right away. The clock is lightweight and can be conveniently carried to tournaments or casual games with friends.

One of the best features of this chess clock is its ability to handle various time settings, such as bonus time and delay, giving players more control over their games. It is not just limited to chess, as it can be used for other two-player games, making it a diverse and helpful accessory for game nights.

On the downside, the Chess Armory Digital Chess Clock may be lacking some advanced features, such as a move counter. Additionally, the written instructions may cause some confusion for first-time users. However, these minor drawbacks do not take away from the overall positive experience the clock provides.

In conclusion, the Chess Armory Digital Chess Clock is a solid choice for players looking to purchase a reliable, easy-to-use, and portable chess clock for blitz or other time-sensitive two-player games. Its benefits outweigh its minor shortcomings, making it a great addition to any player’s gaming arsenal.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When choosing the best chess clock for blitz, there are several important features to consider. These features can greatly impact your experience and ensure accurate and fair gameplay.

  1. Time Control Options: Make sure the clock supports the common time controls used in blitz chess, such as 3 minutes per game, 5 minutes per game, or 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment per move.
  2. Display: A clear and easy-to-read display with digits that contrast well with the background is essential for quickly glancing at the remaining time.
  3. Buttons and Durability: Look for a clock with responsive and comfortable buttons, as a blitz game often requires fast and frequent button presses. The build quality should also be suitable for long-lasting use.
  4. Battery Life: Choose a clock with adequate battery life to avoid frequent replacements or recharging.
  5. Delay and Increment Functions: These are essential for various time controls used in chess games, including blitz.

Clock Types

There are two main types of chess clocks used for blitz: digital and analog. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

DigitalAccurate timekeeping
Customizable settings
Delay and increment functions
Higher price
Requires batteries or charging
No batteries required
Lower price
Limited time control options
Less accurate

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each type before deciding which best suits your blitz playstyle.

Ease of Use and Additional Features

A well-designed chess clock should be easy to set up and reset between games. Some clocks offer additional features such as an audible alarm when time runs out, save profiles for frequently used time controls, and tournament-specific modes. Though not essential, these features can enhance your blitz experience.


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