Best Book for Chess Openings to Win Fast (2023)

Chess openings are a crucial aspect of the game, setting the tone for the rest of the match. Mastering these initial moves can significantly improve a player’s strategy and overall success. For those seeking a deeper understanding of chess openings, we put together a list of the best chess books for openings to guide them through this complex phase of the game.

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Best Books for Chess Openings

Discover our top picks of the best books for mastering chess openings in the list below.

Chess Openings: Complete Manual for Beginners and Advanced Players

Chess openings book cover

This informative book is perfect for chess enthusiasts who want to increase their knowledge of openings and strategies at all skill levels.


  • Comprehensive coverage of various openings
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced players
  • Interesting historical background on chess


  • Editing and proofreading issues
  • Some readers found the Kindle version problematic
  • An occasional unclear explanation of strategies

Chess Openings: The Most Complete Manual to Learn the Best Chess Strategies and Opening Principles for Beginners and Advanced Players provides an extensive look at various chess openings and tactics. This manual allows the reader to easily navigate and understand various strategies to stay ahead in the game.

One of the unique features of this book is its inclusion of historical context and background on chess origins. This adds an interesting dimension to the subject, enhancing the reader’s appreciation for the game.

While the content of the book is enlightening, some readers have noted concerns with the editing and proofreading. This can occasionally lead to confusion or disruption in the reading experience. However, the valuable information presented in this manual should not be discounted. If you’re willing to work through these minor issues, this book could be a great resource to improve your chess game.

Modern Chess Openings, 15th Edition

Modern Chess Openings, 15th Edition

If you are searching for a comprehensive guide to modern chess openings, this 15th edition book will undoubtedly become your go-to resource.


  • Extensive coverage of various openings
  • Easy-to-understand explanations
  • Useful for different skill levels


  • Lengthy read
  • Kindle edition formatting issues
  • Lacks unconventional or trendy openings

The Modern Chess Openings, 15th Edition, offers a deep dive into chess opening strategies and provides invaluable insights into the game. As you read through its 768 pages, you’ll discover new opening techniques to incorporate into your own gameplay, which will undoubtedly enhance your skillset.

The book is aimed at players of all levels, from beginners to more advanced enthusiasts. Its expertly written explanations make it easy to understand and follow. Whether you’re looking to learn different openings or want to brush up on your existing knowledge, this book is the perfect companion.

It’s worth noting that some readers have experienced difficulties with the Kindle edition’s formatting. However, these issues shouldn’t deter you from exploring the rich information and strategies found in this informative and engaging book on chess openings.

Chess Openings for Beginners: The Complete Chess Guide

Chess Openings for Beginners book cover

Chess Openings for Beginners is an informative and concise guide for those looking to improve their opening tactics and start playing like a grandmaster.


  • Comprehensive beginner’s guide
  • In-depth opening strategies
  • Helpful examples for practice


  • Occasional typos
  • Can become too technical
  • Assumes basic knowledge of chess

As a chess enthusiast, I recently picked up Chess Openings for Beginners and found it to be an exceptional resource. The book covers various openings and defenses, providing a firm foundation for any beginner looking to improve their game.

The author does an excellent job of explaining the strategies and tactics involved in each opening, making it easy for readers to understand and apply the concepts. The inclusion of numerous examples and diagrams helps to further illustrate the various techniques, which I found beneficial when practicing on my own chessboard.

While there are some minor issues with typos and occasional overly technical explanations, the overall quality of the content is outstanding. Chess Openings for Beginners is an ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their chess skills and gain a deeper understanding of opening tactics.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

This book is a great resource for beginners looking to improve their chess opening skills, written by one of the greatest chess players of all time.


  • Effective programmed learning approach
  • Gradual progression of difficulty
  • Accessible to a wide age range (12-17 years)


  • Not suitable for advanced players
  • Mass-market paperback quality
  • Content may be repetitive for experienced players

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess is an extremely helpful resource for novice chess players. Taking a programmed learning approach, the book starts with simple endgame situations, gradually progressing to more complex scenarios. This allows readers to build a strong foundation and develop their skills over time.

One aspect that sets this book apart is its accessibility to a wide age range, catering to players between 12-17 years old. This makes it a valuable resource for young chess enthusiasts looking to develop their abilities. However, it’s important to note that the content may not be suitable for advanced players, as it primarily focuses on foundational skills.

Despite being a mass-market paperback, Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess has managed to gain a loyal following due to its effective teaching method and comprehensive coverage of chess opening tactics. Whether you’re a complete beginner or simply looking to brush up on your chess knowledge, this book offers valuable insights into the intricate world of chess openings.

Chess Openings Theory and Practice

Chess Openings Theory and Practice book cover

Chess enthusiasts seeking to improve their opening game would benefit from investing in this comprehensive and insightful resource.


  • Extensive coverage of various openings
  • User-friendly presentation
  • Publication backed by years of expertise


  • Uses outdated descriptive notation
  • Considerable weight and thickness
  • Potentially overwhelming for beginners

This informative guide, titled “Chess Openings Theory and Practice,” boasts an extensive array of openings, catering to players of all levels interested in enhancing their understanding of this crucial aspect of the game. The author’s expertise is evident in the clear and concise explanations offered throughout its extensive 802 pages.

One aspect of the book, however, that some potential buyers may find concerning is its utilization of the older descriptive notation. This might require an extra effort for readers familiar with the more current algebraic notation. Despite this, the book remains a valuable resource for those able to overcome this initial hurdle.

Additionally, the book’s substantial weight and thickness could pose a challenge for those on the go or limited in storage space, but the comprehensive knowledge contained within makes it well worth the investment. While the volume of information may be overwhelming for some, methodical readers will undoubtedly appreciate the wealth of knowledge presented in “Chess Openings Theory and Practice.”

Buying Guide

When looking for the best book on chess openings, consider several factors that will help you choose a suitable product.

Experience Level

Choose a book that matches your experience level, as beginner, intermediate, or advanced players will have different needs.

Opening Variety

Make sure the book covers a wide range of openings, so you can diversify your strategies and learn from various scenarios.

Clear Explanations

Look for books that provide clear explanations and illustrations, making it easy to understand the concepts and apply them in game situations.

Author Expertise

Check the credentials of the author and their experience in the field. A well-respected chess player or coach will likely offer valuable insights and approaches.

Reader Reviews

Consider the opinions of other readers and their experiences with the book. This can help you determine if the book is suitable for your needs and expectations.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
Experience LevelEnsures the book’s content is appropriate for your skill level
Opening VarietyHelps you diversify your strategies and learn from different opening scenarios
Clear ExplanationsMakes it easy to understand concepts and apply them in game situations
Author ExpertiseProvides valuable insights and approaches from respected chess players or coaches
Reader ReviewsHelps you determine if the book suits your needs and expectations

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