We love chess and we also love monkeys.

We’ve served tens of thousands of chess lovers with our information.

Now we also serve you with our art.

We’re very proud to present our first wall art designs. They turned out more beautiful than we would ever have dared to imagine.

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How we make our art

Our team of designers skillfully integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies with time-honored design principles, yielding results that not only captivate with beauty but also exemplify the forefront of modern design.


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How we deliver our art

We work with Gelato, the biggest print on demand publisher in the world. They produce locally in 32 countries and deliver to 200+ countries.

When you order one of our products, it’s printed specifically for you in the production center nearest to you.

Why you can’t return items

We don’t offer returns because we print your products specifically for you when you order them. We don’t keep any stocks, we don’t have a warehouse, so we can’t process returns.


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