How good is 1000 chess rating and how to get it quickly

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How good is 1000 chess rating? That totally depends on how long you’re already playing, how much you play and on what platform. But in general, 1000 chess rating is pretty good. In this post I answer all your questions about 1000 elo in chess.

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How good is a 1000 chess rating?

An elo rating of 1000 in chess means that you’re advanced beginner. You know the basics of chess, you know a some openings, you try out some tactics and strategy. But you play many inaccuracies and some blunders.

Chess rating (elo)LevelHow you play
< 800NoviceYou hang your queen 4 times per game
800 – 1099BeginnerYou play pretty well and then you blunder your queen. You know only 2 openings.
1100 – 1399IntermediateYou can play all the common openings, but you blunder forks when you get tired.
1400 – 1699Advanced intermediateYou don’t blunder pieces away anymore. If you lose it’s because you played inaccurately and you lost a pawn.
1700 – 1999AdvancedPeople need to come at you with very challenging positions if they want you to make an inaccuracy.
2000 – 2299ExpertYou hold your own in almost any position. Your biggest enemies are stress and fatigue.
Table: what your chess elo rating really means (based on ratings on

Is 1000 elo a good chess rating?

It depends! If you’re a total beginner playing rapid on, 1000 is a decent chess rating. But if you played chess for many years, you expect to have a higher elo. And if you’re a 1000 rated player on Lichess it’s less good than if you have 1000 elo on And if you play Blitz, 1000 is more impressive than if you play Rapid.

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What does a 1000 elo chess rating mean?

The math behind the elo rating system works out in such a way that every difference of 100 elo points corresponds to a 65% chance to win. So for example if a 1000 elo player plays against a 1100 elo player, the 1100 elo player has a 65% chance to win.

You can read what this means for you if you’re a 1000 elo rated player.

Elo player 1 vs elo player 2Win chance for the 1000 rated player
1000 vs 70085%
1000 vs 80075%
1000 vs 90065%
1000 vs 100050%
1000 vs 110035%
1000 vs 120025%
1000 vs 130015%
Table: What the math behind your elo chess rating says about how good you are at 1000

How many people have a 1000 chess rating?

Approximately 35 millions people in the world have a chess rating of 1000 or more on That’s about 58% of all chess players, and about 0.5% of all people on earth.

And about 3 million people have a chess rating between 1000 and 1099.

In the table below you can read what percentile of people have 1000 elo Lichess, FIDE and USFC.

Chess rating (elo) percentileFIDE percentileLichess percentileUSFC percentile
2000 to 209998%90%99%96%
1900 to 199996%84%99%94%
1800 to 189994%77%98%91%
1700 to 179990%70%96%87%
1600 to 169984%61%94%82%
1500 to 159977%52%90%77%
1400 to 149970%47%84%72%
1300 to 139961%42%77%67%
1200 to 129952%37%70%62%
1100 to 119947%25%61%57%
1000 to 109942%15%52%52%
900 to 99937%7%47%48%
800 to 89930%3%42%43%
700 to 79922%1%37%37%
600 to 69915%1%25%31%
Table: Chess rating percentiles distribution shows what’s a good chess rating on, Lichess, FIDE and USFC

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How long does it take to get to 1000 chess rating?

How long it takes to get to 1000 chess rating depends on how much you practice. And on how SMART you practice. If you use chess courses and a Diamond membership to analyze your games, you progress much faster. If you use these resources you can become 1000 in 1 month, without them it might take 6 months.

Chess ratingHow long to get (with Diamond)How long to get (without learning resources)
10001 week2 months
11002 weeks3 months
12001 month6 months
13001,5 month9 months
14002 months1 year
15002,5 months2 years
16003 monthsProbably never
Table: How long it takes to get to 1000 chess rating with and without learning resources

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How to easily get to 1000 chess rating (and blow past it)

It’s very easy to get past 1000 rating in chess. All you have to do is join the Diamond club.

In fact, I think you can gain 300 rating points within 2 weeks if this is the first time you’re going to sign up for a Diamond membership. membershipRating increase (within 2 weeks)
Basic (free)+0
Table: How many elo points you will gain in 1 or 2 weeks with which membership

Why do you improve so much when you join the Diamond club?

Because you get a bunch of great study tools: game reviews, coach explanations, insights, lessons and puzzles. These tools are based on world class artificial intelligence and they help you improve super fast.

Chess study toolRating increase (within 2 weeks)
Playing games like normal+0
Chess puzzles+25
Chess lessons+25
Game review+50
Coach explanations+100
Table: How many elo points you can gain when you use the different features of

These tools use artificial intelligence to analyze your chess games. They tell you for every move how good it was and what the best move would have been. And they even recommend lessons based on your common mistakes and playing patterns.

10 years ago only guys like Magnus Carlsen had access to this kind of technology. Now you can get it too. I’m confident this will have a huge impact on you and your chess rating. And you can even try it out for free for 7 days with the link below.

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